Aaaaaand we’re off!!!

Silence.  Broken by the occasional footstep or cough.  It´s early December.  Flu season.  It’s even more important to get your flu shot when just one cough can give away your location… the footsteps are getting closer…

“Rolling sound.”

Ah yes, that´s right, it´s the characters in the movie that are in danger, not me.  Sometimes I get confused by how real it seems watching Selma Blair, Josh Close, James D´Arcy and Rachel Miner on the monitor here on the set of Replicas just outside of Vancouver.


That´s when the Assistant Camera lets us know that the camera is rolling at just the right speed-24 frames per second.


8-year-old Brendan Hughes, played by Quinn Lord, sits in a bathtub. You can almost feel his heart pounding through the monitor in the other bedroom across the hall.  We´re 5 days into principal photography, and things are getting on track.  Keep checking back here for more updates on set at Replicas.

– Tony (Associate Prod.)

Replicas - Jeremy Power Regimals first feature length movie!

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One Response to Aaaaaand we’re off!!!

  1. SBlairFan says:

    Love the blog! More photos please.

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